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About Physical Robotics AS 

Physical Robotics was founded by Dr Phuong Nguyen- Former CSO /Co-founder of Halodi Robotics (1X Technologies) and the talent team in AI/ Robotics. Human-like robots have long been the stuff of science-fiction films/movies, but our talented roboticists from all over the world in Physical Robotics are edging ever closer to making them a daily reality-and they may be the next big thing to come out of the Physical Intelligence boom. Let´s join our journey to create Physical Intelligent Robot ( robot π).


The future of robots working together with people in the industry is expected to be characterized by increased collaboration, improved efficiency, and enhanced safety. Several trends and developments are likely to shape this future. Physical Robotics will produce robots which play a significant role in various industries, contributing to automation, efficiency, and safety. As technology advances, the integration of humanoid robots into different industries is likely to grow, leading to further improvements in automation and workplace efficiency.



Our Partners

Our partnerships is crucial for us to expand its reach, access new markets, and enhance its capabilities.

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